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What is "Stargate Network"?

Stargate Network is an online video game in the universe of Stargate, made by fans for the fans.

Stargate Network is based on the simulation and exploration of many worlds from the Stargate universe, reproduced with great realism and attention to details. You will find the planets and spaceships from the series Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and later from Stargate Universe, reproduced with the highest fidelity.

In the future you’ll be able to create a SG Team and explore planets we’ll build (from the show and fictive ones), you’ll be able to choose your race, weapons, equipment and fight against AI and also real players (PvP / PvE).

Gameplay wise, Stargate Network will resemble a Skyrim/Fallout but in multiplayer, with RPG mechanisms similar to a Dark Souls, with co-op, missions, space battles, etc...

There will be a Main Story, but especially many things to discover, puzzles games, and side quests which will rythm your gaming experience.

The player will be able to choose what he wants to do: explore, fight, both of them, and many more. You will play the adventure your own way.


In 2007, creation of Stargate Network.

In 2008, Stargate Network is a small group of 3 French people making a small 2D Flash and Java video game, point & click type, containing the gate with dialing programs and DHD.

In 2010, we are 5 people. We decide to move to 3D with UDK and add planets to explore.

Here is a Version History for all of it:

In 2014, after many years and a lot of work, we were a team of 10 people composed by few professionals and amateurs across France, Canada, and Switzerland, working with professional workflows and last technologies of the industry.

We decide to step up again, with a much better visual quality thanks to the power of the Unreal Engine 4.

Here are two teasers from the very last version of our project:

During the last decade, we have accumulated a huge database of props & sets pictures, blueprints, artworks, for each planets, each weapons… Thanks to the fans, collectors and some people from the sets staff.

By the way, what do the actors say?

We showed the game to actors in the series, such as David Hewlett (Dr. Rodney McKay) in 2015:

And Christopher Judge (Teal‘c) in 2014:

They really enjoyed the game.

And now?

Discover the Stargate Network v4.0 Alpha now by downloading it here, and join our community on Facebook and on our Discord!

The Stargate Network team