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Technical FAQ

What distinguishes this game from other Stargate simulators?

We make it a point to try to give you the most beautiful and faithful Stargate game ever made thanks to a colossal quantity of archives of plans and photos of the production. You will also be amazed by the reproduction of the smallest details, both graphically and technically, allowing you to relive the adventure as if you were there!

How much does the game cost?

It's completely free, for the simple reason we do not have any Stargate license.

What game engine is used?

The Stargate Network game is developed under Unreal Engine 4, one of the most powerful engines and widely used by video game developers.

Long ago, Stargate Network 1.x was a simulator created using Flash. It is no longer available.

When will the game be finished?

Stargate Network will be a game whose content will evolve and grow over time. Working on our free time, we are unable to predict when the first version released.

Working on our free time, it is impossible for us to predict the release of the different versions. The v4.0 will include the main features of the demo with additional multiplayer support, as well as some additional gameplay elements.

We now concentrate full time on the v4, the v2.x will no longer know updates, as well as an absence of support.

On what platforms is the game available?

Démo Stargate Network 2.3 : Only on Windows.
Game Stargate Network 4.x : Windows and Mac soon.

How many people work in the team?

Around 10 volunteer contributors. For the most part French, but the team also includes Swiss, English, Americans...

How can I help Stargate Network?

If you have skills of 3D artist, Programer, or any other skills that could prove useful to us, you just have to apply! You can do it on Discord, or by the "Contact" button on the home page. If not, talk about it, and do not hesitate to share our Facebook page with your friends!

Gameplay FAQ

In what year does the game take place?

First, at the beginning of the series, around 1997-1998. Thereafter it is planned to integrate a timeline system to the game in order to rediscover one by one the differents epoch, with the sets and scenarios related to them. The journeys in time, very present in the series, will allow to "cheat" and to move from one timeline to the other.

What planets will be added?

Ideally, all. Concretely, we will conceive them according to their importance and their order of appearance in the series, starting with the Earth, Abydos, Chulak, Atlantis... There will also be planets imagined by us.

What weapons will be available?

At the out of the game, only a few basic weapons will be available, the Beretta, knives, the P-90 and the Jaffa Staff weapon. Thereafter, on average two new weapons will appear with each new version of the game.

What programs will be available?

Our ultimate goal is to recreate all the visible computer programs visible in the series, maybe even to add some new ones for specific needs. Every new game version should have it's set of new programs.

Will we be able to drive vehicles?

Yes. The M.A.L.P. is for example already implemented in our demo version, with many functionalities. Later on, many other vehicles will be added, even spacecrafts.

Does this mean, it will be possible to participate to space battles?

It's a medium-term goal that many members of our team share to extend the simulation experience to the command of a Spacecraft (Ha'tak, Prometheus, Daedalus, and each ship would have it's specific softwares… Starting with simple hunters such as the F-302... But Wait & see!

What about visiting Atlantis and the Destiny?

Atlantis is already in development. It was at the beginning an independent project that merged with SGN in 2012.

We would love to also develop the Destiny, but it would need one or more persons to work specifically on it, but it is not the priority. We focus first on the SG-1 mother series, and Atlantis, which is closely linked to it.

When will it be possible to see or even to choose our character?

We are working on a character customisation system and hope to put it soon in place under the Unreal Engine 4.

Will there be other species?

As long as possible we are planning to make the major species. Tauri and Jaffa are already made. For other species like the Tollan or the Ashen - if we do them - it's mostly clothing that must be adapted, because they look human.

Furthermore, we would like to do the Asgard, replicators and wraiths, but we'll see when we will have the opportunity.