[Kamo Con 2019] Dijon, France

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Hello everyone !

We come back to you to take stock of Kamo Con 2019.

This convention was really a great success. Several stalls about the Stargate theme were present at our side:

Many of you came to test the game and talk with us. Whether to ask questions or to congratulate us. It's always a great pleasure to see your eyes shine with the discovery or rediscovery of our game!

We had prepared a surprise (because yes we are like that at Stargate Network, we prepare surprises at the hotel until 2am in the morning ^^) and we can say that it has greatly pleased you! This surprise was to dive you literally into the game with a VR headset. Allowing you to discover the SGC, Abydos as well as Atlantis in development.

You have been blown away by the size of the sets, the Stargate and especially been dizzy with the view of the Atlantis city from the main tower balcony!

During these two days we were on the main stage for 15 minutes of presentation about our video game, followed by a 45 minutes lecture presenting the game’s history, behind the scenes of the development and the future of Stargate Network.

We had the pleasure to have the visit of the French Youtubers : Stardust and Astronogeek.
Stardust knew Stargate Network and was very excited about the VR experience.
Thanks to him for his support!!

We draw a very positive balance sheet about this convention. Special thanks to all Kamo Con volunteers who was amazing with us. Be sure: We will be back with pleasure.

You will find our pictures about the weekend on the Events page of the website.

Thanks again!

Join us on Discord, Twitter and Facebook to stay tuned!

The Stargate Network team.

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Alors la chapeaux compatible casque virtuel vous êtes vraiment très fort continue comme sa, vivement une nouvelle demo . Et désoler de ne pas être venue un empêchement


By Richard Dean Anderson

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Alors, les gars, je me prosterne à vous, vos êtes des Dieux (heureusement que ce ne sont pas des Goau’ld.). Mais bravo les gars, continuez… Je suis ému, et bien évidemment déçu de ne pas être venu. Je viendrais à votre convention… c’est-à-dire prochainement ou demain :joy: