[GATECON 2018] The invasion

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Hello everyone!

We’re back from the Great White North, and it was quite an adventure!
The week was filled with emotions and many interesting encounters.

After a 9-hour flight to the other side of the world, the team finally arrived in Vancouver, Canada.

This Gatecon has been the opportunity for us to introduce Stargate Network to the hordes of English speaking fans present.

On the first day we presented the game for 30 minutes on stage: history, workflow, and Q&A session with the audience.

On the second day, during our second on stage presentation, the public were blown away by a live sneak peek of our next update. We also got congratulated by Brad Wright, historical co-creator and producer of all the Stargate shows.

Amongst the audience was also Bruce Woloshyn, VFX supervisor on the franchise shows.
He came by our booth afterwards to tell us how much he appreciated our work. He was really excited about it, and offered to help.
He totally delivered when he came back in the afternoon holding two huge blinders, filled with original blueprints and drawings. It was really an enriching and enlightening encounter.

But there is even more! A few days later, he kindly invited us to meet at his workplace, Method Studios (Vancouver). He gave us a tour of the place, then we talked about our project and discussed the making of Stargate’s visual effects.

Incidentally, the following picture has been taken in the only part of the office that remained unchanged since the Rainmaker era. Rainmaker was the company name at the time they were working on Stargate VFXs, where Bruce spent long hours and days working on it.

Rest of the week has also been busy, as we visited emblematic filming locations, such as Tollana, P7J-989, PX9-757, the 1969 observatory, and a couple of other places that you can see in the video at the beginning of this article.

Many of you have been startled at the sight of a mini 3D-printed bluetooth DHD at our booth during the Gatecon, which has been designed and printed by a team member, Kvasir, precisely to add a touch of fun when you are playing at our booth during events.

This DHD is a direct interface with the game and allows to dial the gate manually in place of the in-game DHD.
It is just an internal prototype, and we do not intend to produce it on a larger scale for now.

You’ll be able to witness it being finished soon on Kvasir Twitch channel.

Presenting the next update in exclusivity during the convention allowed us to highlight a few issues to fix before its public release. We are getting on it so that you can all play it soon.

We’d like to thank you all again for your marvelous and warm welcome at the 2018 Gatecon. Special thanks to the staff, and it was great meeting you all!

See all pictures of our trip here.

Join us on Discord, Twitter and Facebook to stay tuned!

The Stargate Network Team

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By Alizia

Posted on

Superbe ! Ce jumper <3

PS : Pour que personne ne perde son temps, les 2 dernières adresses qu'on voit sur l'un des screenshots ne correspondent à rien de connu.

By lzacharyjw

Posted on

DHD You need to make more I know alot of people would buy one including me.

By Atlas-I8I

Posted on

Excellent, ça a dû être un séjour vraiment cool pour vous !

Continuez comme ça 😉

By azerty

Posted on

Félicitations les gars, vous êtes allés jusqu’au bout. Je suis à la fois triste de ne pas être venu mais aussi je suis si heureux de voir que vous ayez pu découvrir les stars célèbres de SG-1. De plus, à propos de la mise à jour, on a eu quelques aperçus et je suis fasciné que vous soyez fait aider par Une personne célèbre: Bruce Woloshyn. Pour la mise à jour, continuez ainsi VOUS ÊTES AU TOP.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By sg-nitsuA

Posted on

will you make stargate network viable for PS4?

By athar85

Posted on

super travail les gars !

on peux espérer une version pour mac a ce jour et ce depuis le début je n’est reçus aucune nouvelle.

By sg-nitsuA

Posted on

how can i get out of the control room, i’ve tried frantically to get out

By thor49

Posted on

salut c’est super ce que vous fête continuer je suis un fan de Stargate Atlantis avec leurs technologies..

ps thor49