[GATECON 2018] The invasion is coming!

Posted on by Toinou84.

We are coming back to you with some information about the Gatecon which is taking place in one week.

Regarding our booth, we will be in the "Britania Ballroom".

You will be able to discover in exclusivity the update 01 of the v4.0 Alpha where you will be able to go through the Gate to Abydos.

We also reserve you some surprises, but you should discover it yourself!


Our team will perform on stage Stargate Network in two sessions, one Friday from 4 pm to 4:30 pm and the other Saturday from 9:45 am to 10 am.

We will present the project in general and will talk about the upcoming update illustrated with gameplay images. We will also discuss how we work and our ideas for the future of Stargate Network.

At the end of the presentation we have a Q&A section with the audience.


The Gatecon supports "Cystic Fibrosis Canada" by organizing a charity auction whose funds will be fully donated to this organization.


Cystic Fibrosis Canada is one of the three principal charitable organizations committed to finding a cure for cystic fibrosis and is an internationally recognized leader in funding research, innovation and clinical care.

Stargate Network joins this event by donating a "Stargate Network" t-shirt.

More details by following this link:



We look forward to introducing you our new update and hope to see you there!!!

Stargate Network team
Das Stargate Network Team

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By Legion

Posted on

Wann können wir denn durch das Gate nach Abydos reißen?

By nitsuA

Posted on

abydos is there, legion you just need it’s gate address

By Legion

Posted on

However, I can not access the Malp console, nor can I enter the gate room. The way to the gate room is locked with a red X.

By Nalar

Posted on

In der aktuellen 4.9 Alpha kann man weder durch das Gate reisen, noch aus dem Kontrollraum raus.

Mitte September wird die neue Version erst vorgestellt, wo man nach Abydos reisen kann und auch das Stargate Center wieder etwas mehr erkunden kann.

Ich gehe davon aus, das die neue Version bis spätestens Ende nächsten Monats zum Download bereitstehen sollte.

By Nalar

Posted on

Verschrieben 🙂

By Legion

Posted on

Es sei dir Verziehen 🙂

By LLoyd67

Posted on

Salut les gars et félicitation pour cette consécration.

Je sais que cette question fait partie de la FAQ,
mais cela fait très longtemps que nous attendons une versions MAC !

qu’en est il ???

Lloyd67 (vieux coucou dSGF)

a+ les gars ! continuez comme ça